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Naked surf

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Have you ever felt free from the oppression of artificial clothing and neoprene? Some have tried it and surf result is quite funny, in many cases.

Of course, you must feel gif triple anal about going surfing as you came to the world.

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In the last decades, there have been several nude surfing contests in a few countries. Australia and USA have created special competitions for naked male and female surfers but, meanwhile, laws have banned them from the public eye.

Naked surfing doesn't naked have to offend.

Australian big wave surfer Felicity Palmateer to release naked surf film

In more than 95 percent of the situations, surfers simply decide to try it and they do it for fun, good vibes and even for the environment, like Marama Kake in Australia. The web is full of naked surfers. Fortunately, the spirit of surfing is preserved in majority of the surf. Take a look at the best nude surfing pictures available online through the search engines.

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You'll be amazed how creative surfers can be. The photos available on this article were removed to comply with search engine guidelines. How to become a naked.