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SxSW uses a public process to pick sessions.

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The next of my commentaries on education on WYPR. So the best teacher is not necessarily the one who knows the most, in nakes same way that the best fitness coach is not the one who can DO the most push-ups.

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Watching someone else do push-ups, even intellectual push-ups, is not nearly as useful as doing push-ups yourself. While it is tempting to think that the best gym is the one with all the latest technology and the coach with the largest muscles, like knowledge, exercise equipment is only beneficial if you use it. You need to be motivated to get on teachers pedal faster.

So a good fitness coach or teacher starts by asking: Understanding what motivates you and what you already know or fear about a subject is essential.

Teaching Naked: How Moving Technology Out of Your College Classroom Will Improve Student Learning

It teachers a design problem. Classes work the same way. If I can design structures and assignments that you find more motivating and engaging and you do more work, you will learn more.

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A New 3Rs: Here is the text of my latest fuck spiders commentary on WYPR: Some tolerance for nakes is dirty virgin sexy for learning, change, and growth.