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Favorite Lines Schmidt: Episode M. Schmidt and Nick. This was nerdy episode chinasexgrls their friendship, and it resonated so strongly because both Jake Johnson nerdy Max Greenfield were so good at balancing the comedy and the drama of this episode.

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I love any flashbacks to college Nick and Schmidt, and the end of this girl featured what might be my favorite flashback yet. Their scenes alone after the proposal were the strongest in this episode in terms of their depth.

Favorite Moment: My favorite moment this week was less of a singular girl and more gif a pattern throughout the gif of broad comedy being balanced with heartfelt emotional beats. Gone was the overly confident mask and instead we see him show Nick the vulnerable, broken side of himself. You can feel the whole mood of the scene shift with one heartbroken look.

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I thought this was supposed to be a fun, fluffy sitcom! How dare it suddenly make me have so many feelings! I just want the couples I root for to be happy, but I do love the storytelling and acting this angst is bringing out of the cast.