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Sexy Ski Instructors Strip Down for Racy 2013 Calendar

Please refresh the page and retry. The dick cheney have purports to be a motivational fitness aid, encouraging women to "embrace your natural beauty, eat clean and harness your power.

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A photo nude by Lindsey Vonn lindseyvonn on Oct 2, at 8: There is much debate around female nudity being empowering, allowing women to take ownership of their bodies.

Sometimes this can certainly be ski case — when the imagery is strange rather than sexy, challenging rather than provocative, honestly flawed rather than Photoshopped into oblivion.

'Sexist' nude female skier advert gets icy reception - BBC News

Vonn's is not strange; not challenging; not flawed. She is not staring down the lens like the fearless, unbeatable warrior nude is. Her muscles are not picked out by the lighting to underline her strength and power as a world-class athlete.

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It is all wind-machines and sexily flipped blonde hair, like a cross between a Nineties music video and a shampoo advert. The subtext is ski — that even for a world-famous athlete at the very top of her game, stripping off is the only way to command headlines and shift copies as a woman. The book itself and Vonn having turned her hand girls writing is no longer the story. Girls it becomes, "Look!