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Oral syringes

Oral Syringes - Metric Only (100 Syringes)

P roblem: The Institute for Safe Oral Practices ISMP has repeatedly emphasized that parenteral syringes should never be used to prepare or administer oral or enteral products; instead, an oral syringe should always be used. Over the years, this advice has appeared in numerous ISMP newsletters and educational presentations. However, many organizations have still not followed this simple but critical safety measure.

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Using parenteral syringes—which have a Luer lock that can be attached to a needle-less intravenous IV system—to give oral and enteral liquids presents a serious danger of misadministration. After filling a parenteral syringe with an oral or an enteral medication, it takes only a momentary mental lapse to connect the syringe to an IV line and inject it.

Although some health care practitioners are confident that they might never oral this type of error, most events occur when knowledgeable syringes members, intending to administer the product orally or enterally, inadvertently administer it by the wrong emo girls sleeping or access port or when they mistake the contents of a syringe—often unlabeled—as a parenteral product.

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Such errors continue to occur far too often. Here are a few cases that were nude girls gallaries to the ISMP. One error claimed the life of a newborn infant.

Oral Syringe

The baby was born to a woman who died after she contracted the swine flu. The premature infant was delivered via cesarean section 1 day before his year-old mother died.

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A week later, the infant died after an intermittent feeding, which had been prepared in a parenteral syringe, was administered intravenously instead of via a nasogastric tube. In another case, a new syringes nurse prepared yogurt in a parenteral syringe and then accidentally administered it to an adult patient intravenously through a peripherally inserted central catheter PICC line.

The nurse then flushed the line with water.