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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Charlie Chaplin wrote to his daughter "Do not show the nudity of your body to anybody who does not already like the nudity of your soul". Other days, other ways. Oh still! Sorry, my dear Pat, but a man is not "ordinary" or not on the only criterion of his sex.

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I know that you are extraordinary while I ignore everything of your dimensions. It is incredible that some people believe that the main criterion is the thickness or the length of naked sex. As for me, I do not dream to have a men much voluminous sex that I would need a wheelbarrow to move it in front of me.

Those who dream to have one like that in their anus, I recommend them to use a tree men by way of dildo.


Have a wondrous day and a lot of bisous. You know i already posted something a kin to this on my blog - I did not want to read this post until after I posted my own thoughts on my own blog.

I tell a story about a college friend ordenary mine naked the struggles he actually had because he topless megan mullally so enormous. I think a lot of this goes back to our discussion ordenary gym class and you mentioned as did I - too many men looking at porn and thinking they are not right