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We Spoke to Memoirist Lou Cove About His Childhood Friendship With a Playgirl Model

Most people know Jamie Bales as the maintenance man who fixes the plumbing, windows and other things womensexuncle Bally Ribbon Mills in Berks County. He was photographed nude in four "fantasy suite" settings at the playgirl for the magazine's April contests, which goes on sale in March.

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He may be the centerfold, Playgirl publicist Beth Nussbaum said. Playgirl began weekly contests at the motel in September. Contestants, about 50 in all, strutted to the cheers of an all-female audience at the motel's nightclub.

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Contests weekly winners advanced to last weekend's contest, and Bales was chosen by the audience. Nussbaum said that "if he wasn't good-looking, she wouldn't have chosen him. She agreed that he was Playgirl material. Bales is playgirl bodybuilder who works out two hours a day an has entered bodybuilding contests.

But he said he had never posed nude. And it wasn't his idea to enter the contest.