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School friends nude

year-old girl showed friends at school nude pictures from a man -

Do you inspect their social media accounts? I have a friend at work who is assigned to the safe schools detail and she told me a story I had to share.

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The school contacted a year-old girl at one of our high schools one day. At one point, he asked the girl to take a picture and send it to mongolian chat rooms. She did and sent him the photo.

13-year-old girl showed friends at school nude pictures from a man

Their conversation continued as he gave her compliments about how good looking she was. The guy then asked her to take a nude picture and send it to him. She took the selfie and sent the photo. He complimented her some more and then asked that she take a picture below the waist.

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She took it and sent the pic. The guy really was 17 and in high school. He had a girlfriend who found the pictures, and she posted them to her Facebook page for all to see. When the officer was taking the report, the friends said she liked the attention the male gave her.