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Scouse girl

We asked women from across Merseyside about what they think makes Scouse women so special. What does it mean to be a woman in ?

Want to learn how to speak Scouse? Watch hilarious clip of Liverpool teen's accent pointers

More specifically - what does it mean to be a Scouse little black dick There are plenty of stereotypes that get thrown around of dolled-up Scouse birds with their hair in rollers, hitting the town looking amazing and women falling over in their finery at Aintree.

But there is plenty of depth too behind those surface impressions. We set out to find out what it is that shapes how Scouse women see themselves and what challenges they still face in the city. They told us in their own words what Scouse womanhood represents to them and what changes they would like to see for scouse in Liverpool.

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For Alex Ogden, 23, class is incredibly important in how she sees herself as a Scouse woman. Alex said: Scouse how I girl my make-up to telling men to leave me alone in a bar - all these little things that show me how to be a powerful woman.

The year-old girl an aspiring political writer, but she said sometimes she feels fearful of being political. She said: