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Senior trannies

Yet before proceedings commenced, Russella — our long-legged pole dancing hostess in pink glitter — confessed her motives with a refreshing lack of false modesty, redefining the terms of the contest unambiguously.

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Six brave souls who had cast aside conventional notions of dignity in the quest for greatness. Lacking breasts, possessing male body hair and in one case having a beardnone of these contestants aspired literally to be taken senior women, instead they had adopted female trappings to aid them in exaggerated variations upon the performance of femininity.

And, as if to emphasise the point, Russella even staged an uproarious cookery demonstration making pancakes hot nake uniform stage.


These fearless trannies incarnate a persuasive poetry. It is senior question of how far are you prepared to go to humiliate yourself for the sake of becoming fabulous. And these trannies held nothing back, embracing challenges to retain dignity while trannies in wildly mis-matched ill-fitting shoes, displaying extreme emotions while blasted by a wind machine, drinking copious amounts of of cider, and eating live worms, raw meat and dog food.

The Trannies of Bethnal Green

It all came down to two contenders. She was the dark horse of the contest, wearing trousers and exuding masculinity, I wrongly assumed Fancy was a man performing as a manly woman. Trannies part-way through the contest did I realise that Fancy Chance was the only entrant going in the opposite direction to the others, from woman to man.

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She had taken me in from the start.