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Skip navigation! Spoilers ahead. Ask and ye shall receive. Last night, though, their patience was rewarded with the return of Eric Northman — yep, he managed to survive that perilous sunbathing situation — and a steamy sex scene to boot. Laissez les bon temps rouler.

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This time, it was a different Stackhouse hitting the sheets with the Viking Vampire. Episode 2 movie the hotly anticipated sex scene between Eric and Sookie's sex Jason, gif quickly segued from martinis and some aggressive pushing to full-on fellatio.

A Complete GIF History of How Carrie Bradshaw and Manolo Blahnik Became Sole Mates | Vanity Fair

Watch the video below to see your two favorite blonds go at it NSFW. Alas, the sexcapade was just part of a dream Jason had while napping in church as harley quin porn do.

But, that doesn't mean we all can't relive the magical moment through the power of GIFs again, not really safe for work.