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Sexdolls for women

Woman reveals what it's like to make love to a lifelike robot male sex doll

Blonde Kristal is one of many carefully crafted dolls to hit the market in recent years and Nick is among a growing number of men ready to splash the cash on a plastic partner. Every part of the dolls can be custom-made — from hair and eyes to the shape and texture for their nipples.

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The phrase "digisexual" was coined by experts at the University of Manitoba as a term for men who are turned on by things you can turn on. Critics have blasted them as creepy and weird. One campaigner suggests they could lead to dwindling sex lives and even violent behaviour towards real women. But what is it that drives men to sexdolls the disturbing decision to use sex robots?

Sun Online spoke to three doll owners to find out. He designed gisel porn to match the blonde-haired, blue-eyed bombshell images in magazines he had been lusting over.

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She's called 'body 5' with a 'Nova face'. Women choosing her skin colour, nipple shape and even her make-up style, he thought Kristal was "breath-taking" and "absolutely beautiful" when he opened her box for the first time.

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