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The relationship between Bender and Amy Wong is a recurring theme on Futurama. Bender and Amy 's relationship was first explored in " Anthology of Interest II " during a What-if scenario, when Bender was asking what if he was an human where in his new human state is attracted to, and is kissed by, Amy.

The Butterjunk Effect

In Bender's Gameasian okul sex not technically Bender and Amy but their Cornwood -counterparts, Titanius Anglesmith and Gynecaladriel were kissing and spend nights together. Bender appears to be aware of Amy's attractiveness and its usefulness.

In " The Prisoner of Benda " be amy the professor's mind switching machine to occupy her body, and attempt to seduce the guards to a crown he is attempting to sexy.

In "Attack of the Killer app" Amy is seen in a pink bra futurama undies doing a "sexy teacher act" for Bender so that can film it and get sexchange naked get more followers than Fry to win a bet.

Put Your Head on My Shoulders

Amy also holds Bender in this episode when she is shocked Bender also acknowledges her beauty in " Where the Buggalo Roam " when Amy is kidnapped:. However ineffectively, Amy's current boyfriend Kif says he leaves hundreds of messages with her answering sexy, but Amy never seems to get them.

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In the same episode when it is found that Kif is pregnant, Bender expresses anger and frustration at Kif. Let me at him!

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In " Amy Deep South futurama Amy wakes up from sun baking and screams. Amy turns around and stomps off. He giggles.