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Shikamaru temari sex

My friend Crimson Eyed Sakura and I came up with this very naughty, naughty katie perry toppless. I didn't think of anything except the title, Temari's parts, and pieces of the story.

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You lay on my bed with your legs spread, the wonder oh God that runs temari my head. I feel your heat running up and down me as I make sweet love to you. Your moans I hear screaming my name so loud in my ear.

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I feel as if I have lost control spiraling in and out of sex and soul. One hot humid day after a fierce sparring match Shikamaru and Temari decided to go cool down How about we go to your place and take a cool shower and have a few cool drinks?

He sighed and thought How troublesome as he made hand seals and disappeared in a puff of smoke. He appeared in the doorway just as Temari barreled in.

They landed in the floor in a tangle of limbs. Temari giggled and Shikamaru smiled. I…I just wanted to race you here and beat you to the shower. Temari and Shikamaru untangle their bodies and shikamaru ways.