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Smuttystuff trio


These three are great, I am so pleased that Trio fought to have Duck be an unwilling Chosen, Smuttystuff love that. And I love that Aubrey has already managed smuttystuff develop a crush on a monster, I trust Griffin to make it cute.

This trio of pics was a complete accident, I finished work ten hours ago and just kinda knocked these out since then.

Hot gay trio in action

I drew Duck cos I wanted to do a picture with a fractured halo cos of the whole rejecting the chosen thing, and smuttystuff rest of it snowballed from that. Originally posted by kishou. There secretary sex story something different about you and he wanted it.

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He gets a high off of how your life hangs in his hands… how he can easily just snap your neck, drain your blood dry, break each of your bones effortlessly… That being said, he loves to bite your neck and let blood trickle down your neck which he will then lick up.

He likes a little challenge.


If you were to somehow escape where he has you hidden and locked away, he would enjoy that game of cat and mouse. He would purposely disappear just when you glanced trio the corner of your eye.

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The shadows that you see that quickly go away. You would wring your hands together tightly and run off, to which Dio would chuckle at. He loves to degrade you in the midst of it all, he can make the most dirtiest things sound trio arousing to your core.