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Stoya sexy face

Once Again, It's Stoya's Sexy Face

This week, she discusses feminism and Instagramming cats with alt-porn star, Stoya. Home-schooled by a feminist mother in North Carolina, she now exists between New York where she works freesexvideowatchonlinefree performance art and Los Angeles, with her porn star boyfriend. Thank you so much for agreeing to talk to us about this stuff, I think max mosley prostitutes perspective on beauty and performance is really interesting….

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I feel a personal responsibility to talk about the realities of all of sexy. In porn work, the actual videos and photo shoots for porn magazines, beauty is very overdone: And then, all of the Photoshop that gets piled on and then the ungodly amount of money and time that I spend on exfoliating and moisturizing and hair removal on face of that.

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Maybe to some people I look awesome even with no makeup on, but all of this work that goes into that even that would be ridiculous if I was a secretary stoya a professional writer. That would be absurd! I think it will be wonderful that so many people are growing up in public right now. Oh, you have a picture of me throwing up in a lemonade container?