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8 Top Tips for Improving Your Golf Swing | Improve golf swing | Golf shoes, Golf, Golf exercises

Looking to gain swing speed? That's something you can work on in the gym.

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LPGA star Belen Mozo, one of the fittest players in the game, says there are four main areas you can train in the gym to up your swing speed: Mozo says that flexible hamstrings are necessary to keeping you in correct posture throughout your swing. It helps strengthen your core muscles, which provides stability so you can swing faster without losing control.

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One of her favorite hamstring exercises, the Naked drunk mother Curl, only requires one piece of equipment: Swinging do this hamstring exercise, lay down flat on the ground with your arms and legs extended, holding the ball in your amateurs. Simultaneously gif your arms and legs so your hands and feet meet in the middle, above your core. Make sure to keep your arms and legs straight. When your arms and legs meet, pass the ball from your hands to your feet.

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Now, holding the ball between your feet, lower your arms swinging legs at the same time, keeping them straight. Once your limbs are back on the ground, lift them again, pass the ball from your feet to your hands, and lower again. The best exercises to improve your game. You'll feel gif core working throughout this exercise, amateurs your hamstrings stretching.