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Taiwan hot

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Summer is nearly over, autumn and winter are coming. Hot feeling of being immersed in the hot water while beholding the stunning view around is so special that you should not miss when traveling to Taiwan.

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XinBeitou is probably the most famous hot springs in Taiwan, located just outside of Taipei. During the Japanese occupation, the surrounding area of the Beitou Hot Hot stoner boys was built into high-end resorts and hot rooms and public baths for the crowds.

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Furthermore, there is a lake of mineral water fuming in the center of the town, give you the feeling taiwan entering the fairy tale. The turquoise water, taiwan fume flying up high in each wind make the scene very magical.

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In addition to some public baths, there are also hotels in Beitou that provide private tit pussy sex facilities for those who would like to have their own private relaxation.

How to get there: At the entrance, you will see information on attractions, public bath for reference. Unlike Xin Beitou, Wulai is a small town located on the outskirts of Taipei- which is a familiar place for Taiwanese families to spend their weekends.

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Wulai is located along the Nanshi River beside the mountain with fresh air and comfortable atmosphere. Overnight guests can find themselves rooms hot private bathrooms in the resorts, riverside hotels.

What is more refreshing than soaking yourself into the hot taiwan water while looking at the blue river below?.