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The neck and throat are special spots for Taurus. That seems too easy.

…don't you want to know?

Deep throat me; choke me just a little while I'm coming; bite the back of my neck; fuck me from behind with your arm tight just under my chin; on hands and knees; collared and leashed What must be worked out when tauren to work with your favorite Bull is whether this can be worked to your advantage—is it lez sex videos possible?

The answer is that anything can be worked if you want to work it. Taurus individuals are patient, loving, persistent people—when they're not being resentful, greedy, and obstinate. They are creatures of habit and like the security of routine but can, with careful planning, be eased from the late-night talk show make-out session to any other "routine" like, I get to come first, or sex in the afternoon, or fucked breakfast.

They love to stick to tried and true methods though, and may be reluctant to step off the precipice into the unknown world of mixing it up. If you want them to try something fresh, try telling them that you think they can't do it or won't like it.

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Game on. The Taurus lover is loyal, girl likely to stray than others and rarely take kindly to the notion of sharing. They will leave when they've had enough, and you will sheevas pussy the first to know. Unlike the more "outdoorsy" astrological signs, Taurus natives like to be surrounded by satins, velvets, and all the elegant trappings of a luxurious, sensual home.