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Teen victoria secret

Teens are abandoning Victoria’s Secret

By Annabel Cole. Secret the deafening sound of One Direction, teen and their pubescent daughters roam the giant basement toting enormous shopping baskets filled teen the brim. But the baskets do not contain Capri pants, sundresses or other summer fashion staples, but thongs, push-up bras and skimpy knickers in neon shades, lace and leopard prints. Welcome to Pink, the teenage fashion department of Strippersxxx. I turn around, keen to ask my year-old daughter Elsa what she thinks of the store.

PINK - Victoria's Secret

Victoria assume she is buying them for herself, until she hands them to victoria year-old schoolgirl by her side. An online petition started by a mother to protest against the range has collected almost 19, signatures.

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Capturing a younger market: Victoria's Secret said their Pink range is intended for 'college-age' girls. The strategy is secret.

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Bysix years after its launch in the U. In fact, when the London store opened last year, my daughter and her friends went wild with excitement. In order to reach Pink, youngsters have to walk through the main store, which is kitted out like a bordello.

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