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Topless female trampolin

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Last week, I blogged about the teaser for this campaign at Work That Matters. The campaign launched yesterday.

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On the campaign site, visitors can learn facts about male breast cancer prevention and look at high-resolution pictures of bare-breasted, beautiful young women. Although, to give them credit, the photos show no evidence brazilian nudefamily retouching.

Topless Female Trampolining World Championships: Putting the sexy in men’s breast cancer?

Is this too much? And what gets young or any male attention more effectively than boobies?

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This is one of those cause marketing situations where the intention is quite plain: Whoa… I almost thought I was writing for Sociological Images there for a moment. That is a deal that the women of CoppaFeel! For marketing specialists in specific disciplines we made a feed of every category. Try a service like Feedly.