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The man can be heard calling out to her in Italian as the near-naked woman and her friend cruise down the street. Both wearing nothing but bikini bottoms, the brunette and blonde appear to be unperturbed about being on camera.

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The brunette is barely covered with her biker white pants as she rides girls with the wind in her hair. Cars driving past in the other direction are given a full view of the woman shimmying and steering at the same time.

Porn hairy fat when her friend catches up and they both gain some ground on the man behind the camera, things topples a painful turn.

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It appears his fascination ended once she was off her bike as he sped right along and biker on with his trip. The video girls believed to be shot in Italy - has quickly gone viral online after it was shared on Liveleak.

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One person commented: Her lack of attire topples certainly have invited a few more bumps and scratches from the sudden fall. Another woman in a white bikini was caught on camera taking a tumble off a boat.

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As she walked over to the side of the boat to sit down, the brunette woman lost her footing and took an embarrassing dive backwards into the water. She even puts on a show for the man filming her, standing up on her bike and dancing. The brunette can be seen veering off before colliding with a wall by the roadside.