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Hey there, if you can, I ask that you help a friend of mine finance a project he has been working on. - virgin pussy pics

Go and check it out. Click on the image to the right and it will take you to his Kickstart project. Virginpussypics had a chance recently to work on a logo for a new product.

It is an energy drink for gamers. Check out the website and get your drink on!

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One day I will get a new set up though. I get plenty of chances to create logos for myself and clients. Some I virginpussypics show and some are still hushed till they chubby milf legs out.

I probably do more of that than anything. Need one?

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Drop me an email and lets see what we can create. In my short time in the box business, I had a chance to design a box for an up and coming business. I thought it turned out pretty well, what do you think?