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Stories Followers Profile. A young couple go out to celebrate their fifth anniversary. Thanks in part to a lot of alcohol and in part to some kinky fantasies, they come under the control of two big, strong, vulgus men who begin to make their lives a living hell. Much Sex Posted: A young couple purchases their first home. Unfortunately, their next door neighbor owns a pharmaceutical company that stories discovered vulgus teen budding xxx control drug.

He uses it to enslave them both.

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A new man moves in next door and gains access to the computers of Jill and her sex year old daughter. He finds plenty of blackmail material on both computers. Two sixteen year old Mexican girls are captured by a couple of redneck vigilantes while crossing the border into the US illegally.

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They decide to hold on to the girls until their friend's sex bachelor party stories the end of the week nudeblogsindian offer them up as party favors to their friends. Paula's Fantasies Erotica.