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Woman squirts animation

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I know a lot of people would say this is incorrect, and I suppose it is: Female ejaculation is technically different to squirting, and scientifically they are two are separate phenomena. Too animation medical professionals position female ejaculation as being the only true form of a female ejaculatory response.

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Any woman that has actually experienced squirting will tell you this archaic perspective is fucking wrong. The key differences between female ejaculation and squirting are the origin from where the fluid is excreted, the colour and consistency, and the amount of fluid produced.

These glorious little glands are nestled behind the labia minora, only to be found under careful examination. The main difference between the male and female prostates, apart from woman shape and size between the two, is that the function of the female prostate is still unknown.

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I empty my bladder before sex, and yet I still generate copious amounts of liquid. Continuing the ridiculous comparison of squirting with urination makes no sense to me at all. The medical community arguing over how much piss it does, or does not contain, only feeds the redundant taboo and shame-ridden association with squirting.

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Both female ejaculation and squirting can occur during the same bout of sexual activity. Whilst on nude vouyer pics my squirts and I were using an absorbent travel towel and plastic bag combo before our lives had been blessed with the discovery of waterproof blankets to protect the bed we were banging on.

The travel towel we were using was light woman and clearly displayed the nature and colour of my sex animation. The towel was soaked almost to the edges with my clear gushing squirts, and the milky flow from squirts female ejaculate left a butterfly-like pattern in the middle.