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Yogi bear sex

Yogi Bear stars in new horror film about deviant sex

I had the honour and privilege to go to a screening of Yogi Bear 3D this weekend. My review will be in this Thursday's paper but my research on the film has turned up some things I feel obliged to bear with you here. The first is this photograph from blackgirls xxxporn red carpet gala.

All the other stars are smiling pleasantly while Dan Aykroyd gives the impression that this whole film is part of some evil plot on his part. Seriously, it's looks like this that remind sex that this man wrote and directed Nothing But Trouble.

Yogi Bear [] [PG] - | Parents' Guide & Review |

Too much skull vodka. The other things are courtesy of Aykroyd's co-star, the very funny T.

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Miller, who has spent much of yogi time on the press junket deriding the film. These two gems have been making the internet rounds for months but in case you, like me, have been avoiding all things Yogi-related you may have missed them.

They're after the jump.